Don't Square

Don’t Square

Test your logical thinking

About the game Don't Square

Our game Quadnix entertains you on your way and puts your logical thinking to the test at the same time. There is just one important rule to follow: avoid forming a square with your gaming pieces on the board.

Both players take turns placing their pieces on the board until one of them cannot avoid a square any longer. What sounds like a simple thing takes much focus, overview and planning, as slanted squares also count as mistakes.

Playing alone against the phone or against your friends – prove your skills in an exciting match with different levels of difficulty and an optional time limit.

Features of Don't Square

  • Strategic board game for one or two players
  • Can be played agains the phone or tablet
  • Different board sizes
  • Various difficulty levels
  • Timer mode
  • Leaderboards and Achievements
    (only on Android for now)

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